Author Interview: Sreelekha Chatterjee

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Interviews are not an exchange of mere words, but ideologies and philosophies of people. On that note, I've resolved to post my candid conversations with celebrated personalities, as well as aspiring amateurs in the various fields.

Today, I have had the privilege of talking to an esteemed writer who has contributed to many anthologies. She's penned down the story 'No Break Routine' in the recent Anthology, 31 Sins. Let's know more about her and the things she shared with us.

So, without further ado, let's get into the details of the interview.

Sreelekha Chatterjee is a writer of short fiction, a researcher, and an editor of scientific/social science books and journals. Her short stories have been published in several national and international anthologies (published by Westland Ltd, Familia Books, First Step Publishing, Cypher Publishers, Gargi Publishers, Numerique Publications), journals and magazines such as Femina, Indian Short Fiction, The Criterion, The Literary Voyage, World of Words, Writer’s Ezine, Estuary and LangLit. She has a postgraduate degree in science from Calcutta University and is also a trained singer with a degree in music (Geeta Bharati). Her short story ‘CNG’, which she read at the Tall Tales Storytelling show in New Delhi in June 2014, received wide acclaim from audience for its unique narrative style and compelling story. She lives in New Delhi.

Things I love in 1989

Saturday, 29 November 2014

For a while, I've been meaning to write about many things. But due to certain reasons, have been away from blogging for a long time. Tay Tay's latest album is definitely something I longed to write about.

"Shake it off" obviously made its way on YouTube before the album released and I instantly fell in love with the lyrics of the song though it took time to get acquainted with the tune. I'd always adored and loved her as a country star.  But Taylor and pop seemed like two different things that were difficult to view as one. 

Yet, when I listened to the album after it's release, It didn't take long for me to fall in love with it. This impeccable woman can pull off almost anything with elegance.

What 'The Fault in Our Stars' meant to me!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Two days ago, when I was walking through the shelves of books trying to recollect where the Crossword guys placed The Fault In Our Stars, I hear the voice in my mind asking me a few questions, ignoring my attempt to recall the exact rack. Seems like it was trying to make me realize that I did not want to read it in the first place.
"Why did you change your mind?"
"There's always no compulsion in reading your friend's suggestions. It's not like they're gonna stop being friends if you don't read it. Or is it LIKE THAT?"
"Did you forget that you're a sucker for happy endings and that you hate sad endings abysmally?"
"What is WRONG with you?
Ignoring it, I walked past the shelves with tiny boards on them saying 'Self-help', 'Young-Adult', 'Romance' and I finally reached the best sellers section. I grabbed a paperback copy and proceeded to the billing counter and bought the book.

I consider myself, a part of the tree called world!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

I used to consider myself,
a petty part of a tree called world.
What sin have I done?
to turn many a leaf deaf?!

 It’s not my choice,

that I have not much to look at.
So who the hell are you?
to call me ugly and fat?!

 Weak I was,

withered with time.
But strong I am, and
will be stronger every time! 

What I lack in looks,

I make it up in my actions.
And I know that without me,
incomplete, someone will be!

 I now consider myself,

an important part of this tree called world.
And I am going to be the leaf,
that enjoys the show put on by the deaf!

Angels do die, covered in white!

Friday, 21 March 2014

A goofy discussion with my parents regarding the Indian politics that unknowingly drifted away to a talk on child trafficking and prostitution, my accidental observation of the trailer of Nagesh Kukunoor's upcoming movie, Lakshmi (which is made along the same lines of the discussion we had today) and finally, the inadvertent playing of Ed Sheeran's 'The A Team' on my playlist made me preoccupied with the thoughts about thousands of women who succumbed to the abominable game of fate.

I was meaning to publish a post from a couple of days and had some stupid ideas that I didn't really feel like writing about. And today, something urged me to write about these angels who hope for a better life if they ever have something called 'Next time'.

When Fear Overtakes

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The song "Let it go" worked it's charm on me so well that I've really stopped panicking over things for a considerable period of time. But on some occasions, not even the things that make me smile the brightest cannot help me with my fear.

Today, when I was discussing with a friend about my laziness and love for postponing things, she suggested me to write about the things that motivate me. But what's driving me today to write is my fear and utter loneliness.

I've always believed that telling things to someone makes us better. But, what do you do when there's no one to share? When there are hundreds of questions in your head seeking answers? When there's nothing but pain and panic in your head about how the things will turn out?

Well, after a lot of thought, what I figured out would be best is to let all the fears barge in my head a little more, or a lot more until there is no fear left; write about it in such a way that you can vent your frustration out while still sticking to your personal space; listen to more of "Let it go" and get rid of it!

And Voila, my first post!

P.S: I know it sucks and doesn't have much meaning. But better write something than nothing. And I want to write something before I go to the 'Procrastination Phase' again.

P.P.S: I think I already feel a little better!