When Fear Overtakes

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The song "Let it go" worked it's charm on me so well that I've really stopped panicking over things for a considerable period of time. But on some occasions, not even the things that make me smile the brightest cannot help me with my fear.

Today, when I was discussing with a friend about my laziness and love for postponing things, she suggested me to write about the things that motivate me. But what's driving me today to write is my fear and utter loneliness.

I've always believed that telling things to someone makes us better. But, what do you do when there's no one to share? When there are hundreds of questions in your head seeking answers? When there's nothing but pain and panic in your head about how the things will turn out?

Well, after a lot of thought, what I figured out would be best is to let all the fears barge in my head a little more, or a lot more until there is no fear left; write about it in such a way that you can vent your frustration out while still sticking to your personal space; listen to more of "Let it go" and get rid of it!

And Voila, my first post!

P.S: I know it sucks and doesn't have much meaning. But better write something than nothing. And I want to write something before I go to the 'Procrastination Phase' again.

P.P.S: I think I already feel a little better!


  1. Congrats on your first post. It's really bad that you feel better though, we all love the moody you. :P ;D

    1. Thankyou :)
      And yeah, feel bad...! A lot more bad!

  2. Gosh i love ur blog <3 & congrats :*

  3. Nyc work posting your first blog first...hoping that you'll never reach the 'Procrastination Phase' for your blog..