Things I love in 1989

Saturday, 29 November 2014

For a while, I've been meaning to write about many things. But due to certain reasons, have been away from blogging for a long time. Tay Tay's latest album is definitely something I longed to write about.

"Shake it off" obviously made its way on YouTube before the album released and I instantly fell in love with the lyrics of the song though it took time to get acquainted with the tune. I'd always adored and loved her as a country star.  But Taylor and pop seemed like two different things that were difficult to view as one. 

Yet, when I listened to the album after it's release, It didn't take long for me to fall in love with it. This impeccable woman can pull off almost anything with elegance.

Starting with her look, there are so many things that I loved about TSwift's latest album. And today, here I am, talking about a few that made me obsess over 1989.

1. The novelty of the music

Initially, what made me skeptical about listening to the album turned out to be my most favourite thing. I loved how Taylor didn't experimenting with a new music genre . Despite many critics pointing out that it is a bad move on her part to leave country, I enjoyed this genre of hers equally well.

2. The Lyrics

This woman sure does know how to answer her haters or the media who portrays her as someone who can't keep one relation intact. I just enjoyed the lyrics of "Shake It Off" and "Blank Space" where she answered her haters and gave life to an insane character that media portrayed her as.

3. The Singles (Videos)

Though some people see it as inappropriate to watch Taylor dancing randomly among the elegant Ballerinas, It's really a great video. That's how most of us are in real life - clumsy and clueless.
Coming to the Blank Space, it's an insanely beautiful video - royal and breathtaking. And might I add Sean O'Pry? She gave us an eye candy to drool on.

4. The way she says "Cuz darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a day dream"

5. "The monsters turned out to be just trees."

This must be my most favourite line in the whole album. For reasons unknown, this line gives me some kind of strength that makes me feel alright.

6. The way she says "Tall & Hell"

I am a sucker for British and French English accents, but Taylor swift made me fall in love with her accent just with the way she pronounced two words - "Tall and Hell" in the song "Wildest Dreams".

7. This one is a special mention for another favourite song of mine in the album, "I know Places" to which I was hooked from the first time I listened to it.

In addition to all these, I also loved how Taylor experimented with different situations for songwriting. Definitely one of significant reasons why I am so hooked to the album right now.

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