Author Interview: Sreelekha Chatterjee

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Interviews are not an exchange of mere words, but ideologies and philosophies of people. On that note, I've resolved to post my candid conversations with celebrated personalities, as well as aspiring amateurs in the various fields.

Today, I have had the privilege of talking to an esteemed writer who has contributed to many anthologies. She's penned down the story 'No Break Routine' in the recent Anthology, 31 Sins. Let's know more about her and the things she shared with us.

So, without further ado, let's get into the details of the interview.

Sreelekha Chatterjee is a writer of short fiction, a researcher, and an editor of scientific/social science books and journals. Her short stories have been published in several national and international anthologies (published by Westland Ltd, Familia Books, First Step Publishing, Cypher Publishers, Gargi Publishers, Numerique Publications), journals and magazines such as Femina, Indian Short Fiction, The Criterion, The Literary Voyage, World of Words, Writer’s Ezine, Estuary and LangLit. She has a postgraduate degree in science from Calcutta University and is also a trained singer with a degree in music (Geeta Bharati). Her short story ‘CNG’, which she read at the Tall Tales Storytelling show in New Delhi in June 2014, received wide acclaim from audience for its unique narrative style and compelling story. She lives in New Delhi.