A 691 Kilometer Journey

Friday, 6 February 2015

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated my blog. But life’s has been a rapid roller-coaster ride lately, jerking up and down so bad, throwing me off trails for a while. However, here I am today, picking those pieces up and putting myself back in track. Today, I am writing from Visakhapatnam, a.k.a Vizag, a new city that strangely, and suddenly became my hometown from now on!
I’d always known that life’s unpredictable. But I haven’t ever expected to move into a city that I never wanted to. After all, fate has things its way. And all you have to do is thrive to have them back your way.
Since 3 years of my undergrad has come to an end, I’ve made plans for the future like any other gonna be graduate. Travel abroad, finish masters, building a travel portfolio and land a job in a happening media house. Not to forget, travel as many places possible, talk to different people and write about them, their stories! Life would be worth it.
But, fate had other plans for me, it gave me a rare ailment called Lichen Planus, thrashing my dreams away. Well, at least for a year. The door has been closed. Nevertheless, I went in search of other open doors. I was even willing to open one by myself if I didn’t find any.
In the nick of time, decisions were made. I had to move to a new city along with my parents, both for treatment and medical supervision. I decided not let my dreams disappear into thin air. I chose to pursue my career in Writing, Journalism and Communication in every way possible. It did turn out that opportunities still existed and I grabbed them.
One thing that hurt me the most is to leave Hyderabad, a city that became my best friend. A place which has been my home for twenty one years, where I could freely set my foot and feel at ease; and leave to a place that I swore would be the last place I wanted to go to.

This 691 Kilometer journey to a city that would be my new home, was the most difficult journey of all. But I am looking forward to see what Visakhapatnam, the city of destiny as people call it, has in store for me!

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