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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

 “Pheww… Finally done with paying the bills. Ugh! Long queues I hate them!” A tiresome dad used to tell my mom as soon as he reaches home after paying the electricity, water and other government based bills.

That was the story a few years ago. Flashing forward to this date,

Mom shouts “Haaki! Have you paid the bills? You just sit idly on the computer chatting all the time but don’t spare a minute to pay them.”

And I say, “I’ve done it already mom! It’s just a ten minute work!”

That’s how easy life has become since e-governance came into our lives. Earlier, clearing bills was a sweaty and exasperating task, but today, with the radical development in the technologies and the advent of ICTs, life became painless and simple.

Defining Sweet-Simple Happiness!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

‘Happiness’ – One little word that drives the essence of life. The one thing that everyone chases. The one thing on which the reason of existence depends upon! Right from the time we start to understand emotions, all we run after is happiness.

When you ask someone what do you want the most out of life, they say Happiness. The same applies even to me. But how we define it is different.
What is happiness to me?

For me, happiness is something that the life is defined by. It’s more than an emotion, a hope that drives me every single day and push me to struggle more and more. It is an aim which pulls me towards it. It’s a place filled with rainbows that comes after the storm, or maybe the little dew drops that I meet in my journey. It is one thing, which I, along with millions of people am after.

And how do I get my happiness?

Gorging on Singaporean Cuisine!

Monday, 16 March 2015

For a gourmand like me, food is a religion. I’ve always been fascinated by the culinary art and the different cuisines of the world. Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican and continental were some styles that I often tried but I have had the privilege to munch on the delicacies of Singaporean cuisine during a Pan-Asian Food festival. And that, was one of the days my taste buds jumped with joy.

Since it’s not really a restaurant in Singapore, we weren’t offered much to eat, but among the dishes that were offered in the food festival, two particular ones stole my heart and taste goblet. They’re the simple Singaporean dishes, The Carrot Cake and The Hainanese Chicken Rice.

When I first saw the Carrot Cake’s name listed on the day’s menu, Oblivious to the cuisine, I thought it was some kind of dessert dish. But to my utter surprise, it was a fried dish made with radish, steamed rice flour, eggs and some kind of sweet black sauce. And like the chef said, the blacker, the better!

My Kind of Day: Lost in Austen!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Life is all about living and making memories.  We make millions of them, some happy, some sad and some with many untold emotions. Some are worth remembered and some, we wish to forget. And a few of them give you undying optimism, whatever the reason may be for.

I have hundreds of things that made me flash a bright smile and filled my heart with a warm feeling called hope. But the one day that I’d never like to forget is the day I felt like Elizabeth Bennet in the Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

I have always been so concerned about my looks and considered myself an ugly duckling. No matter what people said to pacify me, I was never ready to listen. I used to say, “I am ugly and always will be. No one ever considers me special. And this is how I am going to live the rest of my life.” People stopped pacifying me because they knew it wouldn’t work out anyway.

Raising from the Ashes, Once and Forever!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Complaining! It was definitely one of my favorite things.  Because that was mostly the only thing I ever did. Well, until five months ago.

I was a strong woman, thoroughly determined to do something with my life. I had a huge bucket list, a number of plans and dreams like traveling the world, covering stories across the globe, etc. But yes, I wasn't satisfied with my life. “My folks and buddies are better than me, mom. Look at how they are enjoying life. And Look at Mine!” was the sentence I repeated almost every time. Little did I know, that my life was perfect in its own way?
However, life went on very well until that one fateful month that turned my life as I know it, completely upside down (Though I realize its importance only now).

The kind of Love that gave me Hope!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Oftentimes, incidents happen where the life just throws challenges that I cannot face, or at least I think I cannot face. But then it decides to show me things or cross paths with different things or people that give inspire and motivate me to push harder. And this little things that I counter ends up becoming huge rays of hope for me most of the time. But there is one thing I was always pessimistic about, Love.

Being a tomboy in my schooling days, and a one at heart even today, I hung out with my male friends most of the time. And that gave an impression that I was either one of the dudes in the group or a tough sister figure.

With time, I grew up like a woman, and so did my mind. I have had my fair share of crushes and there were times I was infatuated and mistook it for a phase called ‘Being head over heels’ with someone. There were times when my heartbeats were running like a roller-coaster and my stomach churned inside. I've experienced butterflies as well as thorns. I've got over them and they’re all memories now. Through all these, I realized that even though I was a tomboy, I am a true girl deep inside.

Author Interview: Alcatraz Dey

Friday, 6 March 2015

After quite a while, I am back with another Author interview.
And this time, I've had a wonderful opportunity to talk to Alcatraz Dey, the author of 'The Serpentine Scrolls'

Alcatraz Dey is a writer,novelist, blogger,editor and poet from INDIA. His works include the Colossal Series in which the first book SERPENTINE SCROLLS has been released. He writes thrillers with an element of mystery, thrill and real facts.

His poems have a dark side usually symbolizing his character. He remains a mystery to everyone. He feels an aura of mystery is apt for his persona as he writes mysteries. He blogs as well and his written for various companies as a freelancer.

Book Review: The Serpentine Scrolls

Thursday, 5 March 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve been meaning to write the review for Alcatraz Dey’s ‘The Serpentine Scrolls’ on my blog. But, due to some issues, I’ve posted a small review on Goodreads and waited for the day to post one on my blog.  So, here it is, finally!

The Serpentine Scrolls: A colossal Adventure
Author: Alcatraz Dey
Publishers: Red Ink publishers
Paperback, 260 Pages
Rating: 4.8/5

Seldom do you get to read books that have a theme so sensitive and complex, yet give you a gripping and interesting read. I am a kid of girl that has a specific set of tastes for reading. I have a yearning for particular genres of literature and I cannot be swayed easily from my comfort zone. Other genres don’t interest me, I can never get through till the end. May be that’s what I said to myself always.

When I decided to read ‘The Serpentine Scrolls’, I honestly didn’t think it’d change my perception towards various literary genres. I still remember going through the first page of the book one around 8 PM one evening. Halfway through the first page, I knew it’s gonna be an interesting read.

Dey weaved an intricate web of a complex plot with many parallel story lines, yet never failed in expression. Despite of different timelines running through the novel, I managed to understand them perfectly well. Except for a place or two.

Even when the novel has its chunks of fantasy, Dey tried to keep it as real as possible with the believable characters and a great interpretation of places. Though the character traits of many are yet to be revealed, I really liked the way Shahid and Ihsin are portrayed. Coming to the locations, the way Dey gets into the minutest of details, you’re left with an impression that you’re standing right at that place.

The amount of research done for the novel reflects Alcatraz’s determination and passion towards the novel. And most of all I loved the way he included tiny things which shows his love for TV series. It gave the novel another personal touch, which I thoroughly liked and willingly connected myself to.

Overall, The Serpentine Scrolls is a great read that managed to keep me hooked till the end.  At some points, it had become like one of those puzzles which made me guess about a few things and at other times, it made me relate myself to a few others. The book had few errors in editing, but Mr. Dey’s writing and narration style definitely covered up for it!

With an captivating story-line and a cliffhanger at the end that makes you want more, ‘The Serpentine Scrolls’ is a book that I definitely recommend for reading.

Official Goodreads page - The Serpentine Scrolls - Goodreads
You can get your copy at - Amazon and Flipkart