Defining Sweet-Simple Happiness!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

‘Happiness’ – One little word that drives the essence of life. The one thing that everyone chases. The one thing on which the reason of existence depends upon! Right from the time we start to understand emotions, all we run after is happiness.

When you ask someone what do you want the most out of life, they say Happiness. The same applies even to me. But how we define it is different.
What is happiness to me?

For me, happiness is something that the life is defined by. It’s more than an emotion, a hope that drives me every single day and push me to struggle more and more. It is an aim which pulls me towards it. It’s a place filled with rainbows that comes after the storm, or maybe the little dew drops that I meet in my journey. It is one thing, which I, along with millions of people am after.

And how do I get my happiness?

Of course, I do have my goals set upon achieving which, I smile brightly and stay content. But in addition to that, there are sweet simple things that make me happy each day and each moment.

I remember being happiest on the day I got my 10th results. And day before yesterday when I got an award for best outgoing student. These are huge, and come once in a while.

They are not enough alone to keep me happy all the time. So, what do I do to keep myself happy every day?  The answer is simple, Find small things that bring a bright curve on my face.

Looking a cute innocent baby twitching her tiny fingers around me after a strenuous day, what is it of not happiness?

Or may be a small pup lingering around feet hoping that I’d feed him a cookie. And the way he wags his tail, it’s true joy.

Also there are many such things that we cannot list in detail, because the list will be endless.

A beautiful dawn, a timeless dusk along the horizons of the beach in my city, a surprise gift, sharing a coca cola with friends, chilling with them, hanging out and making pranks, what not?

All these little things are what makes the life worth living. So, what I do in addition to running after the big time goals that give me enormous pleasure, I set my foot on an everyday journey where I try finding little things that bring me joy.

These little happiness in your lives are free of cost, you need not work hard for them. And when you do so for achieving something big, these are the things that you find the solace in.
These, are the little things that makes one a happy person. Especially me!

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