Delivering Democracy through Digital India

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

 “Pheww… Finally done with paying the bills. Ugh! Long queues I hate them!” A tiresome dad used to tell my mom as soon as he reaches home after paying the electricity, water and other government based bills.

That was the story a few years ago. Flashing forward to this date,

Mom shouts “Haaki! Have you paid the bills? You just sit idly on the computer chatting all the time but don’t spare a minute to pay them.”

And I say, “I’ve done it already mom! It’s just a ten minute work!”

That’s how easy life has become since e-governance came into our lives. Earlier, clearing bills was a sweaty and exasperating task, but today, with the radical development in the technologies and the advent of ICTs, life became painless and simple.

The integration of telecommunications and the convergence of the available technologies like the audio visual elements with the computers saved the government huge costs and for the public, a lot of time.

The unification of various standalone services like from the Government to customers, business and back to the Government itself made way for the smooth administration and running of the state.

Information Communication Technologies haven’t just made it simple for the urban residents, but also for the rural inhabitants. The e-seva (Electronic-Seva a.k.a. Electronic help centers) brought close the Government services to the rural dwellers. They are now able to pay off the bills, get birth and death certificates, link up voter IDs with Aadhar cards and get the privilege of every aspect of the governance that is available through the digitalized economy.

While E-Governance opened huge gateways for the communication between the state and its citizens, and also address their problems in a speedy and credible way, Digital India is planning to create unity in the country, through E-Governance.

Connecting the places through internet, not just the urban ones, but also the remote places, creating awareness among the people, bringing forth digital literacy and making citizens digitally knowledgeable is what Digital India Project aims for.

Bringing IT all together through IT is what Digital India is all about – The Information, Communication, Services, Commerce, infrastructure and everything imaginable, and that too, with the minimal delay in the actions and a few to zero acts of malfeasance. However, there are a few things to be dealt with like the high skepticism among the public, vulnerability to the cyberspace, security threats and the probability of corruption. But, the existing cyber laws and the developing security architectures to minimize the complications and maximize the citizen satisfaction.

Ultimately, Digital India would be a place where the democracy would be away from the myths like Off the People and Far the People. And instead, always stay close to them, at their homes or in their pockets, readily accessible at their fingertips.

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