Gorging on Singaporean Cuisine!

Monday, 16 March 2015

For a gourmand like me, food is a religion. I’ve always been fascinated by the culinary art and the different cuisines of the world. Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican and continental were some styles that I often tried but I have had the privilege to munch on the delicacies of Singaporean cuisine during a Pan-Asian Food festival. And that, was one of the days my taste buds jumped with joy.

Since it’s not really a restaurant in Singapore, we weren’t offered much to eat, but among the dishes that were offered in the food festival, two particular ones stole my heart and taste goblet. They’re the simple Singaporean dishes, The Carrot Cake and The Hainanese Chicken Rice.

When I first saw the Carrot Cake’s name listed on the day’s menu, Oblivious to the cuisine, I thought it was some kind of dessert dish. But to my utter surprise, it was a fried dish made with radish, steamed rice flour, eggs and some kind of sweet black sauce. And like the chef said, the blacker, the better!

Originally a dish that’s native of China, this breakfast dish, also called as chai tow kwey made its way to Singapore and permanently found a place in the country’s cuisine.

When I tasted it for the very first time, still surprised by the vague connection between the name and its look, I felt like it was all melting down in my mouth, the different flavors, sweet and subtle. It was really one of the simplest yet sumptuous dishes I have savoured. It would definitely make it to my list of scrummy appetite-quenching meals.

Coming down to Hainanese Chicken rice, I had it as a part of main-course. A big chicken fan myself, I love to try the different varieties of Chicken. A variant of what I eat normally, made by following the rules of a completely different cuisine interested me. Also, I wanted to have a bite of what is considered to be one of the national foods of Singapore.

A dish made with less scrawny kind of Chicken that is unlike the ones we have, Singaporean Chicken rice has a particular method of cooking. A perfect Hainanese Chicken Rice needs two things – Perfect Chicken type and the perfect methodology of culinary science.

The ingredients, usage of the condiments and fragrance, and last but not the least, the scrumptious flavor and the unforgettable taste is what make this one of my favourites.

After all, it is one of the most flavorsome dishes in the world, and it thoroughly satisfies the glutton in me!

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