Raising from the Ashes, Once and Forever!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Complaining! It was definitely one of my favorite things.  Because that was mostly the only thing I ever did. Well, until five months ago.

I was a strong woman, thoroughly determined to do something with my life. I had a huge bucket list, a number of plans and dreams like traveling the world, covering stories across the globe, etc. But yes, I wasn't satisfied with my life. “My folks and buddies are better than me, mom. Look at how they are enjoying life. And Look at Mine!” was the sentence I repeated almost every time. Little did I know, that my life was perfect in its own way?
However, life went on very well until that one fateful month that turned my life as I know it, completely upside down (Though I realize its importance only now).

My skin started to feel different all of a sudden, I didn't really know what was happening. Neither could doctors recognize. “It’s just due to winter” some said. “It’s due to food or water change” someone else said. But nothing worked. Rashes turned into inflammation and days turned into months. I was going through hell, but the time laughed at me. The calendar showed the first month of the New Year already. The final diagnosis was made indicating an autoimmune condition. I needed to move to a new city and kept under constant medication. At least till its cured. But hey, I need to live with the scars forever. Err, that’s a bonus!

So, everything I thought to be imperfect until a while ago was actually a blissful life I was living unknowingly. What I am going through now is the real deal.

It’s the final year of graduation but now, tough decisions have to be made. Gratefully, my college department supported with me relocating to a new city and exempted from the attendance.

But I was shattered. My further education plans are all cancelled. I need to be home for a long time. And there’s really no hope for everything that I dreamed of achieving. At least for a while.

Tears were shed and there’s long episodes of my depressions and despair. Until I finally decided that I cannot live this way no more. I need to make the decision of my life. Sitting and sobbing is not gonna help.

That was when I made up my mind and took the biggest decision. Should one silly disorder ruin my goals? No way! Because I can do so much better than that.

I finally made the big decision to make a difference through words by writing in every way possible, play with colors and create things and last but not the least, become a listener in self-help sites and provide my service to people out there who deal with various things but cannot share with anyone close. 

This sickness has made me stronger and helped me take better decisions. Today I became not only a better human, but a stronger woman, with a will of steel and a strong armor, fighting against all the odds.

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