The kind of Love that gave me Hope!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Oftentimes, incidents happen where the life just throws challenges that I cannot face, or at least I think I cannot face. But then it decides to show me things or cross paths with different things or people that give inspire and motivate me to push harder. And this little things that I counter ends up becoming huge rays of hope for me most of the time. But there is one thing I was always pessimistic about, Love.

Being a tomboy in my schooling days, and a one at heart even today, I hung out with my male friends most of the time. And that gave an impression that I was either one of the dudes in the group or a tough sister figure.

With time, I grew up like a woman, and so did my mind. I have had my fair share of crushes and there were times I was infatuated and mistook it for a phase called ‘Being head over heels’ with someone. There were times when my heartbeats were running like a roller-coaster and my stomach churned inside. I've experienced butterflies as well as thorns. I've got over them and they’re all memories now. Through all these, I realized that even though I was a tomboy, I am a true girl deep inside.

These things never did anything for my ‘True hopeless romantic’ heart. But when I slowly let myself feel for someone, got emotionally attached and finally heartbroken. It took quite a toll on me. Like millions of people’s love, it was one-sided and ended in an awful heartbreak. It taught me a lot of things, brought me face to face with many harsh realities.

After that, I began observing love around me. It was not what is told in books and movies. The hunky-dory ones that we dream of. For most of them, Love just became a mere element in a relation for the couple to take advantage of one another. Where a boy and a girl spend time with one another for their own benefits and not only end breaking up with each other, but also destroying their lives with a web of lies later.

Maybe, at that point of time, that is what I wanted to see, only selfish relationships and not the real ones, which did existed. True love existed only in books and movies, I decided. It’s not for the walking beings.
I spent a great deal of time trapped in the illusion, may be a few times even today. Until I saw a love story in front of my eyes. The one that I grew up watching but the one I failed to observe. The kind of love between my dad and mom. It opened my eyes and gave me something else to look for and believe in.

It is not like everything is great for them. They do have their share of arguments and disagreements. But at the end of the day, all that matters for them is each other. Like my cousin says, they’re like Tom & Jerry, who irk each other all of the time, but cannot live without one another for a minute.

They aren't perfect in their ways, but they made themselves perfect for each other. It’s love I see in every argument they have, every single thing they disagree upon or every decision they take together. The care for each other that I see in their eyes for one another, is true love. And it gives me hope.

Today, even though I brush away from the thought at times, I've become a romantic once again, opening the doors of my heart for love, that’s somewhere there in this universe. For it’s my parent’s story that made me optimistic about love.

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