Author Interview: Ganga Bharani

Friday, 24 July 2015

For this interview, first of all, I have to apologize to Ganga for posting this so late. Have been extremely tied up with other things. Even after all the pestering I have done, she still didn't say a word about this. I am so glad to have crossed paths with this wonderful woman, and to have read her stories. 

Well, nevertheless, I think this is the right time to publish this interview because, her latest book 'A Minute to Death' just released. And what could be better than celebrating her latest crime thriller? 

So here it goes..!

Ganga Bharani is a technical analyst by profession and a writer by passion. She started writing stories as a hobby in 2010 and started posting those short stories in her blog (GB LAND) for a wider reach. She started writing something she calls Blog books- series of chapters that make a story in her blog, for which she got an overwhelming response. She had written 6 blog books and each of these blog books have more than 300 dedicated readers. One of  her short stories was made into a short film, titled ‘Bhimbam’, which was screened at the AVM Preview theatre. As of now, she authored two novels 'Just You, Me and a Secret' and 'A Minute to Death'

H: Can you please tell us a bit about your background?
G: I am Ganga Bharani, a blogger to start with, a technical analyst for food, a writer by passion, and a short film maker for fun. In a nut shell I am a simple girl with really complicated dreams and goals.

H: How and when did writing happen to you? And what place it holds in your heart?
G: I was always scared of words. I was a very lazy kid, lazy to the extent that I skipped letters of long words written on board during my primary classes. For instance, I would write down washing machine written on board as wshng mchn. The teacher would correct in red word by word. That’s how I started getting scared of words. But later in life, at college, during boring lectures I used to narrate stories to friends. They encouraged me a lot and that gave me confidence. I thought I can reach those short stories to lot of people by typing them down. I started writing notes in Facebook and received good response from friends and even strangers. That’s when the journey started as a writer. Today, I live just to write. I think writing changed who I am and it has made me all I am today.

H: What made you choose this literary genre? Can you see yourself deviating from this style and write any other genres?
G: I am not sure of anything at this point of time. I have written my second book and I have figured out that I really like writing crime thrillers. But I don’t even know if another story will cross my mind or when it will. To answer your question, I did not choose it. All I can say is it all happened and I don’t even know when and how it will happen again. Birth of an idea is magical we will never know what kind will hit us, how, when and where.

H: What is your writing process? Are there any strange writing habits you follow, that you think helps you a lot?
G: I just fix on a plot. Then as I write the story develops in my mind and flows into the paper as words. I don’t try hard to make a scene beautiful or powerful I just write as it occurs to me, as I picture it in my mind.

H: Did you face any big challenges during the writing process of the novel? Any problem with the plot, characters or anything else?
G: The biggest challenge I face is getting caught in the story myself, emotionally. When the character I develop goes through a rough patch I become moody, I even cry at times without any solid reason to share with people, just because my character is sick or in some trouble.
This is one reason I avoid horror.

H: From where do you draw inspiration for your books and other stories?
G: Newspapers, people around, stories I hear, movies I watch and books I read. Every second of my life, even the ticking of the watch, is an inspiration.

H: It’s a known fact that you’ve faced issues with your work being plagiarized by a renowned writer and it’s a battle you are fighting even now, how did it affect you and how are you dealing with it?
G: It really hurt me when I got to know that the book published by the so-called “Renowned” author was picked from mine. They are yet to explain but I am satisfied that I voiced it out. It’s about how we, the no-one in the publishing industry, are protected. I don’t need money, I don’t want to fight till I ban her or something. I just wanted to create awareness about editors of reputed publishing houses lifting ideas from manuscripts submitted.

H: How do you differentiate Ganga Bharani as a Writer, Novelist and a blogger?
G: Ganga Bharani as a writer is not as confident as Ganga Bharani as a Novelist or a blogger. I know what sells well when it comes to blogposts. I know the market little well to asses where I stand as a novelist. But as a writer, I still have a long way to go even to call myself one. Anyone can become a blogger or a novelist but it is really difficult to be accepted as a writer and I am really working hard to be accepted as a writer in a few years.

H: Some time or the other, most writers have to deal with ‘Writers block’. Did it ever happen with you? If so, how do you deal with it?
G: Nope.  Writers block is like love we wont even know what it is till it hits us. So I ,thankfully, have no idea about it.

H: As a writer, there might be times where you feel your writings are not up to the mark, or that they could’ve been better. What do you do at such times?
G: I always feel so. When I write something today and look at it tomorrow I always feel that there is something less or think that I could have written it better. But I leave it as such. If I keep trying to write it better one day, when I am old, I will have one really well written article but it will be just one. We should not keep re writing as and when we learn. What we write today reflects our thoughts and maturity of today. Bettering it up tomorrow will not be an original work of the person I am today.

H: When not writing, what do you enjoy doing?
G: I enjoy watching TV Shows and sleeping. There is nothing else I enjoy doing.  

H: Indian publishing industry is a giant ocean. And sometimes, they can only leave you with huge blows and disappointments. What is your experience in the industry? What according to you are the pros and cons?
G: I have had both good and bad experiences. Bad is with the publishers involved in the plagiarism case. Good is with a lot of start-up publishers, who stood by my side during this issue.

H: What are you currently working on? And when can we see your next book?
G: My latest book called A Minute to Death has just released. It’s a crime thriller.  I am working on another crime thriller right now. I also have a romance novel written years ago in the pipeline to be published soon.

H: Before we wrap, is there anything you’d like to add? A message to the readers, perhaps?

G: Don’t ask for free copies to writers who are having a tough time establishing themselves. That’s the only message I want to pass on. Support good stories and good books.

And now, we reach the end of the interview with Ganga Bharani, I thank her once again from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to answer all the questions with patience.

You can get in touch with her here: Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Blog

Also, you buy a copy of her books here -

A Minute to Death - Amazon | Flipkart
Just You, Me and a Secret - Amazon | Flipkart

I will be back with another review or interview.
Until then, au revoir!

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