Book Review: A Minute to Death

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Hello folks, I am back again with a review, and this time, it's a crime thriller. Lately, I have been surprising myself by getting out of the comfort zone and trying new genres. And must say, I am not disappointed. Though my last review was about a book that was 'my' kind of genre, this book is something close to my heart. You'll know how! Without further ado, let me disclose the name of the title. It's 'A Minute to Death' by Ganga Bharani, a friend, part mentor and part guide. However, I solemnly swear, I will give my best in presenting an objective review of her book. Read on to find out how I liked it!

A Minute to Death
Author: Ganga Bharani
Genre: Crime Thriller
Publishers: Half Baked Beans
Paperback, 130 Pages
Rating: 4/5

To begin with, Riya is an aspiring writer who wants to visit a crime scene and the subsequent investigations regarding the case, so that she can pen down a book in the best way possible. Thanks to her Crush/Boyfriend Rohan, she gets an opportunity. Before she gets disappointed about it being a mundane suicide, speculations arise. Riya and Rohan comprehend that there is something fishy about the case that is more than what meets the eye. Confusions and other shocking events crop up as they try to unfold the mystery. So, what is it after all, Will Riya and Rohan crack the case? Will the budding author be able to render her masterpiece by tagging along with her loverboy cop?

When I first came across the blurb of Ganga's novel, I was intrigued.. Even though I wasn't a reader of thrillers, I ardently followed the show Castle which had a writer and a cop as protagonists. I immediately asked Ganga if she was inspired by the same, or if it is something along those lines. Maybe I was too much in awe of Castle, that I mentally said to myself that this was going to be something like that. But no, I was wrong. Ganga managed to captivate me by proving me wrong. And that's one of the things I loved best about A Minute to Death.

Coming to the characters, I loved Riya, right from the moment she entered the novel. The strength and independence in her character were the things I really liked about her. As for Rohan, I wasn't much of a person who liked cops, but Rohan was quite lovable. He knew when to be serious, goofy and flirty. He and Riya were perfect partners in solving the crime.

The plot started as something very simple, bringing in silly teenage issues that may have had strong repercussions if neglected, and picked up the pace into a mystery that keeps you hooked onto the book till the end. I finished the whole novel in about two and a half hours, and it was definitely a page turner. 

The ending would come as a shock to you because you'd be hit by something unexpected. Maybe my writer and psychotic mind works theories and speculations as I read, and that's why I was able to guess it, but it will definitely be surprising to someone who indulges themselves into the words engraved on the book.

Unlike the rest, I read A Minute To Death first, then followed by the debut novel of Ganga Bharani. One thing I am impressed about her, she is skilled at one thing in the art of writing - break the expectations of the audience, give them something unexpected and they'll be hooked. That's what Ganga does and that's what you'll love about her. 

There's more than just a crime thriller to this book of hers. In addition to a twisted case of so-called suicide, A Minute to Death subtly gives a message about the passion of a person for something, the positive and negative aspects of it. Like Natalie Portman's psychological thriller Black Swan, this book makes you ponder over the question 'How far is too far?' and leaves you thinking about the same.

About the things that bothered me, they're too little. I thought it would have been good if the book had a few more things in detail, and the editing and vocabulary could have been better in a couple of parts. But the book is really gripping that you can easily forego these minor errors. A Minute to Death surely accounts to an enjoyable read, for Ganga knows how to knit things well in a thriller, how much quantity of romance should be added, and what amounts to a perfect crime. 

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