For the love of Speed!

Friday, 21 August 2015

What's an internet without speed? Maybe like a cheetah without his magnificent limbs.

I still remember the days when I used to crib about the slow internet, or wait impatiently for it to pick up speed so that I could download all the movies and videogames I wanted. As for my phone internet, it witnesses all the sulking in me as the screen showed a circle buffering and buffering until the page finally loads or dies down.

Things turned worse when I moved to Visakhapatnam. I remember switching my internet providers twice. Both of them were of no use. I had to forget all those movie downloading and high definition streaming of TV shows. The internet went as a snail pace and for most of the time, it was  used to browse for my work-based research. So, goodbye Rizzoli & Isles, Game of Thrones and Elementary. I'll watch you once my internet is back on it's speed.

Thankfully, my Airtel 3G in mobile came to the rescue during those times. It was better than my usual broadband connections, but however, the speed couldn't satisfy me. While my sulking phase was still going on, I came across Airtel 4G advertisement one day. I immediately checked the Airtel site if 4G was available in my city. To my utter surprise and sheer happiness, It was! Losing no time, I checked if my device is 4G compatible and then, registered for a 4G sim card at the site. 

Within half an hour, I got a call that a new 4G sim would be delivered at my place, that too at free of cost. Like I was told, the Airtel representative left a 4G sim card for me with my watchman and I collected it from him. My usual clumsy self has taken a little while to figure out how to activate the sim, but finally in about half an hour more, I finally managed to do it and received a message from Airtel that old sim is working no more, implying that it was a time to place the new sim in my phone.

Thus began my airtel 4G experience. It's faster and better than before. Now, I was able to browse internet with more speed and no disruptions. Perfect for a person like me who wouldn't want to wait long for something to turn up, just on the screen of a contraption. After all, it's the age of speed, what's the point in waiting?

With the help of unbelievable speeds in my reach, first of all, I would finish the research work for my daily freelancing tasks, because that is the thing that lets me pay the bills. Then I would do the things I love, download all the movies in my bucket list, stream and finish watching all my favourite shows in high definition, install GTA, Call of Duty and other games and start the gaming again. I'd also take online tutorials on designing and editing if the internet is at the speed like it was never before.

I'd enjoy the life where entertainment and information can be the attained, in just a little while, with all the high speeds.

For even if patience is a virtue, it'd definitely be lost when you surf without a speed internet! Aren't I right?

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