The Halves of Us: More than Friends, Less than Lovers

Thursday, 27 April 2017

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You fall in love, have the time of your lives, and then you realise that sometimes, it wasn’t meant to be. That the heart that has been given to you was nothing but a mere loan, or that you aren’t love struck anymore. 

You burn, you break and eventually, you begin to heal. You shut yourself out and build this huge wall around yourself. Your romantic life wouldn’t be the same anymore. And then, one day… boom! someone walks into your life out of the blue. A random Tinder Match, An accidental acquaintance or Someone who might just walk up to a broken-you sitting at the Bar Counter. From that one moment on, things change without even you noticing it.

He wasn’t someone I would even expect to be this important to me at present. Hell, I was annoyed that it took him long to meet me for the first time. Even after the meet, I’ve never expected there’d be a second. But there was one thing that tied us both - Food! So, I thought of hanging out with him once again; he too, cleaned up pretty decent, and came out of his sloth-mode for a buffet brunch at my favourite restaurant on a warm Sunday afternoon. That one brunch, with conversations about food, life, passion, and love changed it all. We both knew we were broken and aren’t ready for another commitment. So, we just seize the moment instead, only the 'now' mattered to us - I simply enjoyed the way he looked at me. He relished the way he eased into conversations with me. He patiently listened to me with admiration while I spoke (even the nonsense). He emitted this aura that was easily likeable. One meet up was followed by another. Hours of talking, the teetotaller in him taking care of the tipsy me, and his thoughtful yet impulsive surprises, late night drives, all-nighters, and crazy yet comfortable conversations - everything fell into place, even with all the mess, thus marking the beginning of half a relationship.

You both know your feelings are at stake, but you don’t wanna lose each other. You have those heated arguments, yet manage to make each other smile. Because all that matters is to cherish each and every single moment spent together. Because you are weirdly comfortable around each other, in ways you can’t be with others. You both don’t know what one another saw in your counterpart’s broken self. But you know they somehow hold a key, or at least help you find a key to healing better. You can finally be able to call him/her your partner in crime, and someone whom you hold dear, without giving it a name. 

He is someone who doesn’t want to clip my wings. 
He is someone who saw me in all my flawed, clumsy, & crazy glory, yet accepts me the way I am.
He is someone who could imagine his 30s and 40s the same crazy way when I am with him.
He is someone who always wonders what I saw in him. 
He is someone who stares at me in admiration for hours together. 
He is someone who does anything to cheer me up when I am upset, or feign anger. 
He is someone who made me believe in myself again. 
Last but not the least, he is someone who’s more than a friend, and less than a Boyfriend.
Yet he is the one whom I trust with things if they’d ever get out of hand. 

I might be his Half Girlfriend, but that’s one of the happiest things because I don’t have to bother about where we’re heading, just savour every single moment of it!

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