A girl in search of her real self!

Welcome to my blog!

I am Harika Bantupalli, a Graduate in Mass Communication and Journalism.
Also an aspiring journalist and an author.

I am very passionate and often fascinated with many things. And when something interests me, I will try my best to learn more about it. And blogging is one among them. I have been planning on it from a couple of years but my low self-esteem and Procrastination shelved it all the while. And now, finally it's here.

And more about me, I just obsess about everything. And Ian Somerhalder tops the list. I am a sucker for romance books, novels and  English TV shows. And anything that manages to engage me, I drool over it!

Keep visiting my blog to know my interests, passions along with my views about everything.
Your support is my strength.

Harika Bantupalli