My Bucket List

  1.  Get 2nd Ear Piercing
  2. Get a tattoo
  3. Try Bungee Jumping
  4. Try Human Slingshot (any kind)
  5. Trek through the Inca Trail and Scream from the top of Macchu Picchu
  6. Write a book
  7. Go on a trip alone
  8. Travel with someone you haven't met in person before
  9. Ask a guy out on a date
  10. Eat with a random stranger
  11. Go out with someone you've had a bad first impression on
  12. Surprise someone
  13. Drink Champagne whilst on the top of Eiffel Tower.
  14. Visit Dhanushkodi
  15. Visit Shettihalli
  16. Go Snorkelling
  17. Go Scuba Diving
  18. Go Deep Sea Diving
  19. Try Sky Diving
  20. Go on a parachute ride
  21. Go to a wine festival 
  22. Stomp the grapes for the wine
  23. Taste the Chardonnay
  24. Pull off the red lipstick like a pro
  25. Own an LBD
  26. Get Bubblegum Blue Streaks
  27. Cut hair short... like really short

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